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Himalayan Salt lamps have many benefits. They kill bacteria and viruses in the air, help with Asthma, allergies, even sleep apnea... give it a try! They are a natural air purifier and create a relaxing atmosphere with their warm glow. Each lamp is unique in its shape, size, and color.
Small lamps 3-4 lbs. $26.99
Medium lamps 4-6 lbs. $29.99
Large Lamps 6-8 lbs. $36.99
X Large Lamps 8-10 lbs. $39.99 - $49.99
Super Lamps 11-12 lbs. $59.99 - $69.99
Smooth Himalayan Salt tea light candle holder                
Raw Himalayan Salt tea light candle holder  $13
Now Featuring....
Himalayan Pink Salt
$6.00 (5oz bottle)
Delicious tasting and rich in minerals, this is the purest salt in the world. Free of bleaches, preservatives, or chemical additives. It has a natural pink color and may contain up to 84 trace minerals to provide a multitude of health benefits.
Non GMO, Kosher, Vegan
Himalayan Pink Pollo Seasoning
$4.00 (5oz bottle)
Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Salt, celery seeds, paprika, spices and
calcium silicate (to make free flowing).
Sprinkle this amazing Himalayan Pink Pollo seasoning on chicken, turkey, and stuffing. Also adds flavor to meat or veggie burgers, pot pies, soups and more, enhancing the taste while providing the body with up to 84 minerals.
Non GMO, Kosher, Vegan